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How Much?! Wedding Band Costs Explained

Last Updated: 17th January 2022

If you want to find out more about what it’s likely to cost you to hire a wedding band, then you’ve come to the right place! Depending on the style and size of the band, the average cost of hiring a wedding band in the UK is between £1200 and £2000. Don’t worry if your budget is tight! Wedding bands come in all shapes and sizes so there’ll be a band out there for you.

If you’ve never hired a wedding band before (and not many of us have) then there are a few things to consider that you might not have thought about. Read on to find out what they are!

Looking To Hire A Wedding Band?

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Do I Need A Live Band?

You may be wondering if you need to book a band at all. Would a playlist work instead?

If you want to create a mind-blowing atmosphere and a truly memorable evening for your guests, you should definitely book a wedding band. A great band will have incredibly talented musicians who know how to read the crowd and play the perfect song to keep your dance floor full all night long. They will interact with the crowd and create a spectacular show with their professional sound and lighting equipment (included in your booking). A playlist just can’t compete!

Book From A Reputable Agency

Whichever type of band you decide on, consider booking from a reputable agency. This will ensure that your band will be a professional outfit, with top-quality musicians who know how to get the party started and are experienced in the wedding industry. How do you know if an agency is reputable? Check out their reviews.

An established agency will have years of experience in planning wedding entertainment, so in the incredibly unlikely event that something should happen (maybe the band gets stuck in traffic or a band member gets sick) the agency will be there to find a replacement, giving you the piece of mind that your wedding will run smoothly and everyone will have a great time.

Choosing to book through an agency like Entertainment Nation means you’ll have access to hundreds of incredible bands who are tried and tested with amazing reviews. We’ll get to know you and help match you to your dream wedding band. You can’t go wrong!

What’s Included With My Booking?

  • Sound and Lighting Equipment – Most bands will bring PAT-tested, high-end sound and lighting equipment that will make their performance pop and this equipment can often be used for speeches and announcements too. Bands booked through Entertainment Nation will have public liability insurance from £1m up to £10m (which your venue will most likely ask for).
  • Personalised songs – Most bands will include the cost of learning a song for your first dance as standard, meaning that they will play the song that’s most important to you. Some will even learn more so check out their profile before booking.
  • DJ service – In most cases you don’t need to worry about entertaining your guests between sets or after the band have stopped performing, as a playlist DJ service is usually included with your booking. To upgrade to a manned service so you can make requests, it’s likely to add somewhere in the region of £200. Maybe you’re not sure if you should hire a DJ instead? Check out our handy guide to help you decide.
  • Travel costs – At Entertainment Nation, the price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay and all travel costs are included. If a band has to travel the length of the country to reach your venue, it’s going to be hard to get a good price. Picking a band local to you will help you to get a much better deal and help save the environment too! We can advise you on which bands are available in your neck of the woods or you can enter your location on our website to see prices matched to your area.

How Much Do Different Wedding Band Line-Ups Cost?

So how much does it cost to hire a band for a wedding in 2022? Obviously, the more people you need to pay, the more expensive the band is likely to be. As a rule of thumb, each musician that you add into the mix is going to cost around the £300 mark. To help you decide on the type of act that’s right for you, we’ve included examples from the incredible selection of professional acts and bands on our books! Let’s have a look at typical line-ups and prices.


Solo Artist – Average price: £300-£600+

If you want to keep costs down but still create an incredible atmosphere, a solo performer will be ideal. With the use of backing tracks, your guests can enjoy dancing the night away with the addition of a live performer for a truly memorable evening!

Duo – Average price: £450-£800+

A duo could be anything from a simple singer and guitarist to 2 singers with 2 instruments and backing tracks or a loop pedal to create a fuller sound. They are ideal if your available space is small or your budget is tight.

3-Piece Band – Average price: £750-£1600+

If you book a 3-piece band you can expect a standard line-up of a singing lead guitarist, bass and drums. Despite being small in size, a 3-piece can still pack a punch and is a great option if you have a limited space but you want more of a whole-band feel.

4 or 5-Piece Band – Average price: £1400-£2000+

These are the most common line-ups. With four musicians you can expect a vocalist, lead guitar, bass and drums. When a band has 5 members you can usually expect a keys player or saxophonist to be included as standard.

6+ Piece Band – Average price: £1800-£3000+

A party band with a full brass section, strings or multiple singers or dancers can create a real ‘wow’ factor for your guests. If your budget will stretch this far and you’ve got the space, then go for it. The sky’s the limit!

Don’t despair if you fall in love with a band but they are out of your price range. Many bands are flexible with their line-up and will often be able to perform with a reduced number of musicians to suit your budget.

What Else Affects The Price Of A Band?

Performance Duration and Time Onsite

Most bands will perform two 1-hour or three 40-minute sets. This provides the ideal amount of dancing time, whilst providing breaks in between. If you want to keep your guests dancing for longer, many bands have the option to add extra sets and will be available to start early or finish late! You are looking at an average fee of around £300-£500 per additional set – a small price to pay to extend the best night of your life!


The Date Of Your Wedding

Summer dates and Saturdays are the most popular choices for weddings, but there are often savings to be made if you choose to book off-peak or on a weekday. It’s never guaranteed but well worth asking!


The Band’s Popularity and Style

The more in-demand a band are, the more they are likely to cost. Never fear though, as Entertainment Nation have a whole host of incredible bands offering great value for money! Mumford and Sons and folk-style bands are the most sought-after at the moment and get booked up fast. Book early (ideally two years in advance) to avoid disappointment!


When You Book

Make sure you get the best price available by booking your wedding band as early as possible. To keep up with inflation, bands have to raise their fees from time to time – musicians need to pay their bills too! Take advantage of today’s prices to make great savings.


How Do I Get The Best Deal On My Wedding Band?

You will get the best deal on your wedding band if you follow these top 5 tips!

  1. Book Early – Take advantage of this year’s prices and ensure your band is available by booking as early as you can!

  2. Find A Local Band – Save money on travel costs and keep your carbon footprint down at the same time. It’s a win-win!

  3. Book Off-Peak – Booking a wedding band is a bit like booking a holiday. Choose an autumn or winter date to bag the best price (December excluded for the Christmas party boom).

  4. Reduce the Line-Up – Remember that bands are often able to perform with a reduced line-up to keep your costs down. It’s not always an option but you’d be surprised at how versatile bands can be!

  5. Use Your Agency – Spend time looking through the different types of band available. There are so many to choose from and some great deals to be had! We are on hand to help you find the band that suits your budget and style.

How Do I Book My Wedding Band?

Whichever band you decide on, the friendly team at Entertainment Nation are on hand to answer any questions you have and help you find and book the band of your dreams. Enquire today to get started!




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