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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page. Fingers crossed we will answer all the questions you may have below, but if not, please give us a shout via email, phone or instant live chat and one of our advisers will be on hand to help.

    What is Entertainment Nation and what do you do?

    Entertainment Nation is an online Entertainment Agency, supplying the UK's top entertainment for all event types throughout the UK and Worldwide. We act as agent, securing act bookings for Wedding, Corporate and Party events.

    Why choose to book your entertainment with Entertainment Nation?

    Entertainment Nation has wonderfully friendly and informative staff (give us a shout for proof) who can help and guide you through the entire booking process. You get gold-standard customer care and 24/7 emergency support as standard - we believe exceptional customer service is the minimum we can offer, not something locked behind upgrades or "enhanced protection".

    It couldn't be simpler to book entertainment for your event. With the nation's top acts, an "Excellent" rating on Trustpilot, and the security of booking that Entertainment Nation Ltd (a limited company) provides, choosing to book with Entertainment Nation should be a no-brainer. Check out our blog post for more reasons to book with Entertainment Nation.

    How do we go about finding the right act?

    Our advisers are always on hand to help and advise. They will request a few details (asking questions about the event, age range, taste, budget etc) in order to get a good idea of what you are looking for. From here, they will find you the best and most suitable available acts for your event. Alternatively, you may wish to browse through the acts yourself. If so, please feel free to use our search tools to narrow down your ideal acts. Once you have a shortlist, give us a shout or send enquiries through and we can confirm availability and gain accurate quotes for you. Our advisers are available via phone (0800 53 000 35), online enquiry form (the 'make an enquiry' buttons you will see throughout our website) and online live chat (down at the bottom right hand corner of the page), plus you can enquire about an act on their profile 24/7,so get in touch now!

    We've found the act we want. How do we book?

    Give us a call, email or live chat message and we can get the process rolling. To secure the act for your date, you'll need to pay a small deposit (payable via Debit or Credit card online when sent an invoice). We will issue a legally binding contract between yourselves and the act.

    What are DJ services?

    "DJ services" refers to the recorded music provided by bands and acts between live sets. Types of DJ service include:

    • Background Music: Subtle backing music that sets a pleasant ambience, often in line with the style of the act chosen.
    • Playlist DJ Service: A playlist of music played through the act's equipment, in keeping with the style of act, to maintain the party atmosphere between live sets.
    • Manned DJ Service: A member of the band "mans" the DJ service, taking song requests and making announcements for a more interactive experience. Some bands may offer this service for an additional fee.
    • Pro/Full DJ Service: A professional DJ is brought along with the band. They can mix tracks live, field song requests, and make announcements, providing a comprehensive DJ experience.

    For a more detailed explanation, visit our blog post on DJ services.

    What's your COVID policy?

    You can find advice and answers to your questions over on our COVID-Secure Booking Guide.

    Can you tell us more about the contract you use?

    The contract we use is legally binding between both parties (yourselves and the act or supplier). Cancellation is not possible by either party, unless both parties mutually agree in writing to cancel the booking (please see Booking Terms and Conditions for further information). It is highly detailed and covers all eventualities.

    Can we view the act at a performance?

    As our acts are all specialists in wedding, corporate and party functions they generally don't hold many (if any) public performances. The acts we represent have been through our vigorous vetting process to ensure they are top professional performers. They are far above the level of your standard 'pub band' and therefore do not generally perform at pubs and clubs. Wherever possible, the act will try to keep us informed of any public performances they have scheduled.

    Will I be able to speak to the act before my event?

    During the booking process, Entertainment Nation will act as a liaison between yourselves and the act to secure all details. Your chosen act will, however, make a '4 week call' to you before your event to finalise any finer details about the event. You will get the opportunity to speak to them prior to the event.

    How loud will the act be?

    Every act is different; if you are looking to book a band with live instruments, such as a drum kit, you must understand that for the quality of sound to be good, the levels have to at least match a live drum kit whilst maintaining a practical volume. Our acts will always remain sensible and will not set out to overpower the night. If you have concerns about this, please mention it to your adviser upon enquiring and they can discuss with the band prior to booking. It is also your responsibility to see if the venue has a sound limiter as this can be very influential to the equipment a band may bring to your event. Some acts have measures (eg electronic drum kit) to make life easier when working with a limiter. If unsure, please get in touch for advice.

    We've booked a band. Can we choose the songs we wish them to play?

    When your band gets in touch with you directly, feel free to discuss which songs you love and which songs you aren't so keen on from their Repertoire / Song List. The band will do their best to work your favourites into their setlist for the big night. The band can't promise to play all of your selections - but they're experienced professionals and you can rely on them to perform a setlist that maintains the party vibe and keeps everyone dancing. Bands hone their setlists over years of performing, and creating one that has maximum impact at your event is all part of the service.

    We'd really like our band to perform our First Dance. Is this possible?

    Many bands will offer to learn your First Dance of choice included within their price. If you wish them to learn other requests not contained within their repertoire however, the band will add on a fee (usually per track). This would be to cover their time and any rehearsal costs involved.

    My brother (or other relative/friend) loves karaoke, can he sing with the act?

    Unless written permission is given by the act prior to the event, clients / guests are not permitted to touch or use any equipment at any time, due to the fragility and value of the equipment. The use of microphones for speeches is usually not a problem, however this must be agreed with the act prior to the event.

    How long will the act take to set up and how much space will they require?

    Every act is different. Generally, a band will take roughly 60-90 minutes to set up, dependent upon easy access to the stage or performance area. The space required also varies between acts. Larger bands will need a larger performance space etc. This information should be available within the pricing section of each act's profile.

    What would we need to supply for the act of our choice?

    Our T&C's ask that all acts are supplied with a free supply of soft drinks for the duration of their stay with you. For bookings of over three hours the T&C's also ask for the act to join in with a buffet or hot meal for the duration of the contract. Many acts will be more than happy with joining in with the evening food (Hogroast, BBQ etc) and a bar tab for soft drinks at the bar.

    How do we pay the deposit?

    Payment of the booking deposit is due within 3 days of a contract being issued, and is payable securely online using Debit or Credit Card. We will send you an invoice which gives you full instructions on how to pay the deposit when you decide to go ahead.

    When/how is the remaining balance due?

    The remaining balance is paid directly to the act or supplier booked and is due a minimum of 7 days before the day of the event. The funds must be cleared 7 days before the day of the event. Your act or supplier will be happy to discuss balance payment on the 4-week call.

    Do the acts supply all of their own equipment?

    Yes, if the act requires equipment to perform, they will supply it, unless quoted without. All bands on our books are all self-contained, supplying full PA (loud speaker system), musical instruments and lighting rigs. Other acts may not require PA and lighting.

    Our venue requires the act to hold Public Liability Insurance and PAT testing certificates for their instruments. Do all of the acts hold these?

    Yes, all of our acts hold Public Liability Insurance and have all electrical equipment PAT tested annually as standard. Certificates are available upon request.

    How do I make a complaint?

    Complaints can be made via post or email. We shall try and resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

    Can I view your Terms and Conditions?

    Yes, please click (HERE) to view the full Terms and Conditions of booking.

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