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Supreme Singing Waiters In The Spotlight

Supreme Singing Waiters In The Spotlight

Last updated on May 7th, 2019

Thank you for joining us for our newest In The Spotlight, starring The Supreme Singing Waiters!

If you’re looking for surprise wedding entertainment, then Supreme Singing Waiters could be just the act for you. This talented and experienced duo will first surprise and then amaze your guests with their thrilling act. Dressed to serve, Supreme Singing Waiters will appear to be ordinary members of the waiting team, leaving your unsuspecting guests none the wiser about the antics about to occur.

The moment the pair break character and burst into song is unforgettable. The initial looks of shock and gasps of surprise soon transform into grins and outbursts of laughter as Supreme Singing Waiters treat everyone to some sensational singing and more than a few laughs.

So, what’s it like making a living out of making people jump out of their seats in surprise? We had a chat to Supreme Singing Waiters to find out.

Supreme Singing Waiters Performance

Who are Supreme Singing Waiters?

The Supreme Singing Waiters are one of the finest double acts in the business and who celebrated their 21st year as professionals in 2018. They have been a full-time duo for 18 years and have worked all over the world together as singer-comedians.

The Supreme Singing Waiter show suits them perfectly, as they have an almost magnetic energy to get people having a great time. Add to this the intuitive reading and control of their audience, which has been honed through years of experience plus an incredible versatility, they are easily one of the finest shows in the country.

Which song is your favourite to perform?

The opening song of the show is an arrangement of “Do Re Mi” from the Sound of Music, it is so unusual that audiences never expect it, it adds such a big shock element to the performance and the look on people’s faces is priceless. It never fails to grab their attention and sets up the feel of the whole show. There is a video of us performing it on our Entertainment Nation profile!

Out of the songs you’ve been asked to learn for a first dance, which is your favourite?

We always try to ensure our clients have input in what we do, although we often perform during the wedding breakfast, we also have packages where we also perform in the evening.

The first dance song that stands out the most is probably Can’t Take My Eyes off You by Andy Williams (or Frankie Valli if you prefer). It’s a song we perform regularly in the waiter show but this was a slower, more soulful version of the song, so the timing and key was different. It was an unusual choice but went down great. We really love performing songs where the audience can join in, sing along numbers are our favourites!

One final song question, which is the song you can always rely on to fill the dance floor?

We have such a wide range of songs that we perform it can vary from each event, during the afternoon set we have a fantastic arrangement of “Sweet Caroline” which everyone just loves and never fails to get the entire room on their feet.

During a late-night set, Soul and Motown are always winners but again, we enjoy the songs people love to join in with like Summer of 69, Living on a Prayer, Sex on Fire and Mr Brightside. Basically, Pop, Soul, Rock, Indie and everything in-between!

Higher & Higher, performed by Supreme Singing Waiters

Do you get on with each other all of the time?

We were in the same class at school and have been friends for almost thirty years so you would think we have gotten used to each other by now! That’s one of the unique things about the act, it has such a lot of history, there is now a kind of telepathy during performances as we pretty much know what each other are going to do at any given time.

Wedding Singing Waiters

Who has the most annoying habit (and what is it)?

I think we have probably got to the point where we just ignore each other’s bad habits! After almost 3 decades, you just kind of switch off!

What’s the best thing about being in an entertainer?

As a duo, we have shared some fantastic experiences, we have been lucky enough to travel all over the world performing and have had some great adventures. Travelling has been a really amazing part of the job, whether in the UK or abroad, we love visiting new places.

… and what’s the worst?

Travelling and being away from home can be great but as we both have families, we do miss them! We balance work and family life carefully but have no complaints, we love what we do and consider ourselves very lucky to be able to share our clients’ most special moments in life.

Supreme Singing Waiters at a wedding

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you at a wedding?

Having done this for so long we have seen most things! From the groom stripping off during the show to hotel power cuts during the first dance, we have performed at a rainbow wedding complete with as seven-foot inflatable unicorn, Disney Themed weddings, rock-themed weddings, old-school carnival themed wedding, you name it!

However, at one wedding where we had been having a fantastic show and everything was going great, we started to perform a song and immediately, almost the entire top table started to cry? It turns out that the song was the favourite of the bride’s recently passed grandfather and we immediately thought we had just ruined everything, then suddenly everyone got to their feet and started to dance and sing and it became a really touching, heartwarming celebration.

After we had finished the performance, there were more tears and hugs and they told us it was as if he was with them and it was his way of saying hello. It was all a little surreal but beautiful and I’ll be honest, there was a lump in our throats.

And finally…the most important question: Buffet or Hog Roast?

We never seem lucky enough to get to eat because our performances are always around when food is served! But if we had to choose we’d probably go for both and then share!

Thank you so much to you for reading and thank you to Supreme Singing Waiters for taking part in our In The Spotlight series.

Hire Supreme Singing Waiters

If you’re interested in booking Supreme Singing Waiters (or any other wedding entertainment) then you can either send an enquiry on the act’s profile or feel free to contact our entertainment advisers over email:, phone: 0800 53 000 35 or LiveChat on our site.

We can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

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