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June 5th, 2015

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We get many a request to see our wedding bands perform live, before the plunge is taken to book or hire a live band. So, we thought we’d write a little blog that explained why this can sometimes be tricky!

Why can’t I attend a live show they are doing?

Firstly, our acts are ultimate professionals, most of which at the top of their game (live music performance). Most of the bands are booked week in week out, sometimes as much as 5 times a week performing up and down the country for private weddings / corporate events / party celebrations. These events are 99% of the time a totally private do – for example a couple’s wedding. As viable as it may feel at the time of request, I suppose it has to be thought how you may feel with a random couple ‘gate crashing’ your wedding to catch a sneak peak of the band you are looking to hire for your own do.

I’d feel a lot more comfortable seeing the wedding band live first still. I’ve never had the chance to book a live band before

This is where the promo of the band comes in. Many bands will invest time and (sometimes) serious money into ensuring you know what you are booking. I can assure you the process of recording, filming and producing a video is not cheap. This is where bands get the chance to really show you what they can do, and help you envisage them at your wedding or other celebration.

Their video is great, can’t I catch them in the local pub?

99 out of 100 of our bands won’t be seen playing in the ‘Red Lion’ round the corner. They are professional party / function / wedding / corporate type bands that do this for a living. If you find a band playing a pub in a pub on a Saturday night they are unlikely to be a ‘pro event’ outfit or anywhere near the quality of the bands we offer here on Entertainment Nation. This is not meant in anyway to offend ‘pub bands’ or those who wish to book ‘pub bands’, we are merely trying to point out why our bands won’t be available to be viewed in pubs regularly.

What’s this about a showcase? We almost went through to book a live band and they mentioned it?

Some bands do offer a showcase, but these occasions are usually few and far between. It would involve draughting all members of the band into a rehearsal space (which costs) at a mutually good time (for the band and for all potential hirers), to perform. Quite often they do not have the same vibe as a real performance (as they are in a plain room with no audience) and can actually cause quite a negative feeling towards the experience. Fingers crossed not, if you do attend one, but more of just a heads up.

Travel distance

Another problem to seeing the band perform live could be the distance between the booked band and yourselves. Quite often our bands will be seen shooting up and down the various motorway’s of the UK in order to attend your wedding or celebration. Bands are not afraid of a little travel, sometimes travelling for over 12 hours per day to perform, however aren’t usually overly keen on doing this travel to play a song or two in the local practice room.

In Conclusion

Our best advice on this matter is to trust the band’s promotional material, and to ask as many questions as you may feel are necessary in order to feel 100% comfortable and taking the plunge to book a live band. Rest assured, any band that you hire from us here at Entertainment Nation has been vetted for quality (and also accommodation to your needs). We will always explain exactly what you are signing up for before any money changes hands and are not going to be at all offended should you want to ask 100s of questions before booking. We want you to feel comfortable when you look to book a live band, and we are here to help!


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