The Suspicious Suspects

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    The Suspicious Suspects - Murder Mystery Experienc
    The Suspicious Suspects - Murder Mystery Experienc
    The Suspicious Suspects - Murder In The Library
    The Suspicious Suspects - Murder In The Library

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    The Suspicious Suspects
    in Brief:

    • 3-6 Actor Murder Mystery Experience
    • A wide range of mystery themes
    • Mystery, Horror, Historic, Circus themes and more
    • Highly experienced performers
    • Unique and exciting entertainment
    • 35, 100 or 125 guest packages available
    • London based, available Midlands and South
    • 2-3 hours of performance (flexible)
    • Glowing references from many happy clients

    The Suspicious Suspects

    Can you solve the mystery? The Suspicious Suspects take you on a bespoke journey, unveiling characters, clues, twists and turns along the way, to find out “whodunnit?”.

    Comprising 5 professional actors as standard (4 suspects and 1 inspector), The Suspicious Suspects provide a night of exciting entertainment, tailored to your event and your guests.

    The Suspicious Suspects offer an eclectic range of themes, from classic Sherlock Holmes, 20s Gangsters, Christmas Dickensian and Halloween-themed nights to more modern styles including Circus, Modern Shakespeare and Bake-Off-themed. All The Suspicious Suspects’ shows can be completely bespoke, with the opportunity to work their structured scenes around your event schedule to ensure the night’s entertainment is both fluid and gripping.

    The Suspicious Suspects’ show is split into three tiers, dependent on your audience size. Their shows are capped for 35 guests, 100 guests or 125 guests. Each theme is designed for specific audience sizes – with some shows only needing 3 actors for a smaller number of guests, compared to larger audiences needing 5 or 6 actors for the fully immersive experience. (See repertoire for theme and guest limit information).

    For over 6 years, The Suspicious Suspects have been creating, perfecting and performing exhilarating shows for guests across the UK, from dinner parties to private celebrations and corporate events. These high-calibre actors have also run a bespoke Murder Mystery show in London’s West End, sharing their clever stories with hundreds of audiences. They pride themselves on an engaging and highly interactive show full of “red herrings”, keeping your guests entertained all evening.

    To keep everyone on their toes, The Suspicious Suspects offer an additional 'Detective Prize Kit' for up to 10 winners. Bump up the pressure and make sure YOU solve the mystery before any of your guests!

    Please contact us for any information regarding The Suspicious Suspect’s performance.

    ***Click here and get to know more about The Suspicious Suspects on our blog, as they join us In The Spotlight!***

    Book The Suspicious Suspects for a blood-curdling night of unforgettable entertainment!

    The Suspicious Suspects

    • Holiday Themed Murder Mystery
    • Classic Murder Mystery Options
    • Modern Murder Mystery Options
    Holiday Themed Murder Mystery
    -Murder at the Monster Ball (Halloween themed Whodunnit)
    -Murder in a Winter Wonderland (Christmas themed Whodunnit)
    Classic Murder Mystery Options
    -Death at a Dinner Club (Classic 1930's) Up to 65 Guests
    -Peril on the Palatine Express (Classic Agatha Christie Inspired) Up to 100+ Guests
    -Curse of the Pharaohs (Classic Explorer themed) 50-100+ Guests
    -Killer at the Casino (1920's Chicago Gangster) 50-100+ Guests
    -The Body in the Bunker (Golf Themed) 50-100+ Guests
    Modern Murder Mystery Options
    -Death by Dessert (Modern 'Bake Off' Whodunnit) Up to 65 Guests
    -Murder at the Mason Hotel (Fawlty Towers-Esqe Whodunnit) 50-100+ Guests
    -The Tables have Turned (Comedy Sherlock Spoof Whodunnit) 50-100+ Guests
    -Malice in Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland themed Whodunnit) Up to 100+ Guests
    -Fatality on Ferry (Nautical themed Whodunnit) 50-100+ Guests
    -Murder at Mothley Zoo (Comedy Zoo themed Whodunnit) 50-100+ Guests
    -Mr Wobbly's Murdertime Spectacular! (Kids TV themed Whodunnit) 50-100+ Guests
    -Bibbity, Boppity, Buried! (Fairytale themed Whodounnt) 50-100+ Guests

    The Suspicious Suspects
    Pricing and Enquire:

    To gain a quote please select the location of your event
    Price from £1264
    5 Actor Cast: 4 Suspects and 1 Inspector
    Prices are inclusive of 2-3 hours of performance (Flexible). Approximately 60 minutes are required for the act to set up (depending on access to the performance area).
    This act offers add-ons to their set package price. If you would like to enquire about these options please select below.

    Please enter your details below so we can contact you with full quote.
    Please add your event information so we can ensure the quote is accurate.

    The Suspicious Suspects

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    "Absolutely FANTASTIC @ the Dartmoor Lodge! We have attended several Murder Mysteries in the past! And this one was by far my favourite! Lots of twists and turns, engaging, entertaining and held my attention throughout! Bravo! "
    Live Mystery Dinner
    "Experienced this excellent group at my friend's 60th birthday party at Mount Edgemoor Hotel. Very engaging and highly entertaining. Just a little bit in love with the Inspector lol. Look forward to seeing them again sometime!"
    Murder Mystery Party
    "Loved the murder mystery at Langdon Court. You were amazing. Very engaging and fun to listen to. Very well thought out plot and clues. Well done."
    Mystery Experience Review
    "Just spent a really excellent evening at the Mullion Cove Hotel, enjoying a really good murder mystery put on by The Suspicious Suspects All I can say is roll on their next visit to Mullion!"
    Live Murder Mystery

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