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    To The Wire Listing
    To The Wire
    Berks £2261
    • Pop and rock function band
    • Party band based in Cheshire
    • 4 piece line-up
    • Male lead vocals and backing vocals
    • Rock and pop party hits
    • Highly experienced performers
    • Available UK wide
    Livin' It Up Listing
    Livin' It Up
    Berks £1729
    • Pop function band
    • Party band based in Essex
    • 4-6 piece band
    • Female vocals, guitar, bass, drums
    • Pop, rock, soul and funk hits
    • Option to add vocalist and keys
    • Available UK wide
    Swing Sophistication Listing
    Swing Sophistication
    Berks £1330
    • Jazz and swing band
    • Party band based in London
    • 5 piece line-up
    • Male vocals and full brass band
    • Swing, jazz and vintage hits
    • Highly experienced performers
    • Available UK wide
    The Jazz Gems Listing
    The Jazz Gems
    Berks £1796
    • Premium jazz & swing band
    • Party band based in London
    • Jazz combo line-up from duo to quintet
    • Authentic female vocals, keys, trumpet, bass & drums
    • Traditional jazz, swing, wartime, PMJ, rock'n'roll & pop
    • Highly experienced musicians suiting any ambience
    • Available nationwide
    Melody Brown Listing
    Melody Brown
    Berks £745
    • Solo female vocalist
    • Party singer based in Derbyshire
    • Vocalist with high quality backing tracks
    • Soul, pop, funk, jazz and Gospel
    • Experienced vocalist
    • Option to add duo sets
    • Available UK wide
    Russell Mayer Listing
    Russell Mayer
    Berks £665
    • Singing guitarist
    • Party singer and guitarist based in Surrey
    • Male vocals and acoustic guitar
    • Rock, pop, acoustic, funk, soul and Motown
    • Exceptional solo musician
    • Talented and unique vocalist
    • Available UK wide
    These Days Listing
    These Days
    Berks £4389
    • Soul and pop band
    • Party band based in London
    • 4 piece function band
    • Male lead vocals
    • Vocals/Keys, guitar, bass and drums
    • Exceptional live musicians
    • Available nationwide
    Swing Jazzers Listing
    Swing Jazzers
    Berks £1330
    • Swing and jazz band
    • Party band based in London
    • 5 piece function band
    • Guitar, sax, trumpet, bass and drums
    • Swing, jazz and funk hits
    • Experienced musicians and performers
    • Available UK wide
    Burlington Street Listing
    Burlington Street
    Berks £3325
    • Acoustic pop band
    • Party band based in London
    • 4 piece function band
    • Female lead vocals, guitar, bass and drums
    • Pop, RnB, soul, acoustic hits
    • Over 10 years professional experience
    • Available nationwide
    Fame Listing
    Berks £5320
    • Pop and soul function band
    • Party band based in Greater London
    • 5-9 piece line-up
    • Female and male lead vocalists
    • Pop, soul, Motown, RnB and rock hits
    • Experienced professional musicians
    • Available UK wide
    Festival Beyond Listing
    Festival Beyond
    Berks £2554
    • Acoustic pop band
    • Party band based in Essex
    • 4 piece function band
    • Female Lead vocals, guitar, drums, double bass
    • Pop and rock hits in an acoustic style
    • Highly experienced musicians
    • Available nationwide
    Quickbeat Listing
    Berks £1862
    • Modern pop and rock
    • Party band based in London
    • 4 piece band
    • Female lead vocals
    • Vocals, guitar/vocals, drums, bass
    • Highly experienced young musicians
    • Available Midlands and South
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