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March 10th, 2016

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Being an entertainment agency filled to the brim with exciting musicians and performers, we tend to get a lovely insight into many of the song requests made to the elusive creature that is a ‘wedding band member’!

With pop and rock bands & performers topping the stats for the ‘most booked wedding entertainment’ it made sense to ask them their ‘must play’, ‘is always performed at every wedding’ and ‘it’s always requested to perform at every wedding’ song choices! The songs came flying in thick and fast, with some of the members claiming that they have performed a song literally thousands of times at every single event they have had the pleasure of performing at.

This blog post is by no means meant to determine that your Wedding music selection has to incorporate the below, more of a generalisation as to songs that are very much tried and tested, with guaranteed floor filling and ‘bounce along to’ capabilities.

Many wedding bands will offer to work through their repertoire with clients, ensuring that every show is tailored perfectly to suit you and your guests. That being said – there are still certain songs that always seem to crop up as a much-loved selection by the majority of people. Below are the top ten choices, all guaranteed to get any party goer in the celebratory mood!

The Top 10 Most Performed Wedding Pop & Rock Songs

10. Brown Eyed Girl

In at a respectable 10th place is the Van Morisson classic, Brown Eyed Girl. Relevant to a large chunk of the bride population this tune may not only mean something to the special lady of the day, but also encourages guests of any age up on the dance floor.

9. Sweet Child O’ Mine

9th place goes to this serious anthemic masterpiece by Guns N Roses. With it being a very well known guitar based rock tune, it not only gives the guitarist of the night a chance to ‘shred’ but it also gives the male population (usually instigated by your ‘Uncle Dave’) the excuse to re-locate their tie from around their neck up to their forehead and perform incredible trouser splitting air guitar moves.

8. Valerie

With this being only one of the Mark Ronson produced hits in this top 10, this cover performed by the late Amy Winehouse, originally by British band The Zutons, Valerie makes it in at number 8, and is a guaranteed hit to get the dance floor going whenever performed. With such an infectious groove you can’t help but swing those hips!

7. Superstition

Where to start with this one. As soon as that iconic drum groove starts and then the clav, guitar and bass drop the riff, the head-bopping is guaranteed to commence. Stevie Wonder is a worldwide icon and has written many fantastic tunes for all ages to enjoy, so many of which are perfect for wedding entertainment!

6. Happy

This tune does exactly what it says on the ‘tin’. If a happy dance floor is what is requested then chances are this huge 2015 Pharrell Williams hit will be a catalyst. Featuring an incredibly infectious chorus melody and sections of ‘Mexican inspired clapping’ this is a sure fire way to entertain.

5. Summer Of 69

In at 5th and another tune for the ‘air guitar’ self proclaimed masters of the dance floor, Summer Of 69 is an iconic guitar based number by singer songwriter Bryan Adams. We’d advise saving this one for the latter parts of the evening as all will want to be there to join in with the festivities when the guitar intro kicks in!

4. Livin’ On A Prayer

This Bon Jovi masterpiece claims the 4th spot for which we believe it rightly deserves. This rock number has everything needed to fill a dance floor and get everyone bouncing around like loons. With it’s iconic guitar riff, crazy talk box vocals, wonderfully sing along chorus melody’ and whopping key change to add to the mix, it really is an encore favourite!

3. Don’t Look Back In Anger

Top 3!! Manchester’s Oasis claim this spot with their huge 90’s hit Don’t Look Back In Anger. Whilst this is very different masterpiece from the rest, it’s more of a ‘link arms in a circle’ and ‘scream the lyrics at the top of your voice’ whilst swaying gently type ballad anthem. It’s certainly a close contender for that top spot!

2. Mr. Brightside

So number 2 has been awarded to the fabulous US band The Killers, for their bouncy indie rock tune Mr Brightside. This song although now over 2 years old is very much still holding it’s own in the modern day requests and is a must for any wedding or celebration. Bands will usually see the ‘older’ guests jump up out of their seat and run to the dance floor to partake in the sheer mayhem and ‘pogoing’ that occurs when this song kicks in. See for yourself and request this as a must play!

1. Uptown Funk

The winner of the most requested pop and rock songs performed at weddings rightfully goes to Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk! What a TUNE!!! It was realised by most bands quite early on that this was going to be ‘THE’ tune to perform at a wedding, with this iconic number changing the entire mood of the room in 4 minutes and 30 seconds. It is an absolute guarantee that the performance of this song will fill the entire dance floor. It’s sitting proud in clear first and shows no signs of being knocked from it’s pedestal anytime soon.

A band is a must if you want to create an all singing and dancing dance floor at your Wedding. Don’t just take our word for it – have a read through the many fantastic reviews available on all act profiles.


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