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Our Mission To Help Save The Planet

Last Updated: 22nd August 2022

All image credits go to Ecologi and Eden Reforestation Projects.

We plant trees with Ecologi

We’re Doing Our Bit To Reduce Our Environmental Impact

Entertainment Nation provide top-quality bands and musicians to venues all over the country. This is great for live music lovers but we’re well aware that bands travelling up and down the country can have a negative impact on the environment. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Ecologi to help reduce our carbon emissions and plant as many trees as we can. Each time we receive a booking, a portion of the cost will go towards funding important projects that will help to offset carbon in the environment and with reforestation. Take a look at some of the exciting projects we’ve helped to fund so far.

Madagascan Mangroves

We’ve Been Planting Mangroves In Madagascar!


mangrove planting in madagascar

Mangrove trees are particularly good at absorbing carbon. Ecologi and the Eden Reforestation Project are working tirelessly to plant as many trees as possible in Madagascar, where deforestation has destroyed vast areas of original forest, forcing animal species to move away and preventing the ability of humans to farm and live off the land. We’re proud to be supporting such an awesome project!

Mozambique Magic

We’re Planting Trees And Helping To Alleviate Poverty In Mozambique


reforestation in Mozambique

In the village of Changalane, Mozambique we’re supporting a fabulous project that aims to rebuild a thriving ecosystem that has been destroyed through deforestation for timber and charcoal. The project provides full time employment for 45 local people and the new forests will allow villagers to start living off the land again.

Trees, Trees And More Trees

As well as these two remarkable missions, money from our bookings has also gone towards funding two more projects – the mass plantation of Afromane trees in Kenya and supporting the development of forest gardens in Uganda, where farmers are trained to diversify crops in order to produce a stable income and support their families. As we donate more money, the list of projects will grow and grow and we’re so excited to be part of something so good for the planet!

We’re Offsetting Carbon

Planting trees is wonderful. The more trees that are planted, the more carbon can be sequestered from the atmosphere. But nothing is as great for the environment as not producing carbon at all and in order to be able to do that, renewable energy sources must be funded, which offset the carbon that would have otherwise been used. Red onto find out about some of the project we’ve been funding.

The Power Of Wind In Mexico

wind farm

We have been funding wind farm projects in areas such as Mexico and Honduras, with each project helping to offset hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO2 every year. Absolutely amazing!

Using Waste Biomass To Produce Electricity In Chile

The ultimate aim is to rely solely on renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and hydro power. but what do we do in the mean time while those projects are being scaled up to a functional level? The waste biomass project in Chile is at the forefront of the race to make the use of fossil fuels a thing of the past. Using waste products such as sawdust from sawmills and offcuts from pruning projects, electricity can be made in a much more eco-friendly way, without damaging the environment. This is a great project and one that we’re very proud to support.

Solar Energy In Egypt

solar farm

In the future, solar energy will be one of the most prominent renewable energy sources around the world. The Ecologi project we have helped to fund is in Egypt. With its abundance of year-long sunshine, Egypt is the ideal location for this project which will help to offset a massive 779,450 tonnes of carbon over its lifetime.

Protecting The Planet

Of course, planting more trees is an excellent way of reducing our carbon footprint. But wouldn’t it be better if trees weren’t cut down in the first place? We’ve helped fund projects around the world that do just that! Keep reading to find out about some of the amazing work that’s being done at projects in Africa and South America.

Deforestation In D.R Congo

Another fantastic project we are currently funding is helping to prevent deforestation in the world’s second largest rainforest. Watch this video to learn more about the impact this collaborative project is having, not only on the climate (it is projected to offset over 175 million tonnes of carbon over its 31-year lifespan!), but to the biodiversity and local community as well.

Saving The Rainforest in Peru

Deforestation around the world increased CO2 levels by more than 60% between 2006 and 2010, with much of this devastating practice occurring in the Amazon rainforest. Not only does it raise the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere but it also irreparably destroys animal habitats, causing many species to become endangered. The deforestation project in the Amazonian ecosystems of the Madre de Dios region in Peru is one that we are very happy to support. By helping to build a trans-Amazonian road, settlers who will live sustainably from the land and practise responsible forestry will be able to be moved in to help protect this delicate ecosystem.

The Future

We’re extremely proud to have taken our first steps into the world of sustainability and are excited to see the impact that our funding has on the planet. By booking with Entertainment Nation, you’ll also be helping to make a more sustainable future. Together, we can help solve the climate crisis bit by bit!




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