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    Shelby Street Listing
    Shelby Street
    London £2450
    • Folk-pop roaming band
    • Male vocals and guitars, sax and percussion
    • Versatile repertoire of pop, funk, soul, folk and Motown
    • Talented and passionate performers
    • Interactive and charming performance
    • Available UK wide
    The Ridgeways Listing
    The Ridgeways
    London £2000
    • Pop and rock band
    • 4 piece line-up
    • Female lead vocals
    • Pop, rock, disco and soul floor-fillers
    • Acoustic duo & roaming set add ons
    • Available UK wide
    The City Suits Listing
    The City Suits
    London £1762
    • Phenomenal pop & rock trio
    • Outstanding male lead vocals & backing vocals
    • Vocals with guitar, bass & drums
    • Pop, rock, folk, indie & party hits
    • Option to add acoustic sets
    • Available UK wide
    The Wildermen Listing
    The Wildermen
    London £1764
    • Mumford-style folk band
    • Acoustic trio
    • Male lead vocals and guitar, backing vocals, bass and drums
    • Folk-infused pop and contemporary set list
    • Experienced musicians
    • Available UK wide
    The Brightsons Listing
    The Brightsons
    London £1450
    • Folk-inspired pop & rock trio
    • Two incredible male lead vocalists
    • Vocals, guitar, bass and drums as standard
    • Pop, rock, folk and soul party hits
    • Afternoon acoustic sets available
    • Available nationwide
    Rose Royale Listing
    Rose Royale
    London £2008
    • Dynamic 4-piece pop & indie band
    • Fantastic male lead vocals
    • Vocals with two guitars, bass & drums
    • Pop hits and indie anthems
    • Option to add sax
    • Available UK wide
    Emblems Listing
    London £2341
    • Cutting-edge 4-piece indie, pop & rock band
    • Remarkable male lead vocals & backing vocals
    • Vocals, 2 guitars, bass and drums
    • Indie, pop, rock, Motown & more
    • Roaming band set available
    • Available nationwide
    Real Love Listing
    Real Love
    London £4828
    • Luxury 6-piece pop & RnB band
    • Outstanding female & male lead vocals
    • Vocals, guitar, keys, bass and drums
    • Pop, RnB, soul and classic party anthems
    • Option to add vocals & trumpet
    • Available nationwide
    Cosmic Atlas Listing
    Cosmic Atlas
    London £1397
    • Crowd-pleasing pop party duo
    • Awe-inspiring female lead vocals
    • Vocals with keys and guitar or drums
    • Modern chart-toppers & party classics
    • DJ live and acoustic sets available
    • Available UK wide
    The River Dogs Listing
    The River Dogs
    London £2688
    • Dynamic 5-piece rock, pop & indie band
    • Fantastic male lead vocals
    • Vocals, two guitars, bass & drums
    • Pop & rock hits and indie anthems
    • Acoustic daytime sets available
    • Available nationwide
    New Giants Listing
    New Giants
    London £1862
    • Electrifying 4-piece pop & rock band
    • Amazing male lead vocals
    • Vocals, keys, guitar, bass and drums
    • Pop, rock, funk, soul, disco & more
    • Option to add sax & female vocals
    • Available nationwide
    Higher Love Listing
    Higher Love
    London £2062
    • Exhilarating 4-piece pop & rock band
    • Impressive female lead vocals
    • Vocals, guitar, bass, drums & backing tracks
    • Modern pop, rock hits and soul classics
    • Add sax, keys & acoustic sets
    • Available Mids, East & South
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    Review of a Function Band London
    Review of a Function Band London

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