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    Kentish Gents Listing
    Kentish Gents
    From £2072
    • Fresh & modern 4-piece pop & rock band
    • Incredible male lead vocals
    • Vocals with guitar, sax, bass & drums
    • Modern pop & rock hits and classic party anthems
    • Afternoon acoustic duo set available
    • Available UK wide
    Midsummer Knights Listing
    Midsummer Knights
    From £2296
    • Outstanding 4-piece pop & rock band
    • Remarkable male lead vocals
    • Vocals, two guitars, bass & drums
    • Contemporary & classic pop & rock chart-toppers
    • Afternoon acoustic set available
    • Available UK wide
    Waverley Listing
    From £2660
    • Phenomenal 5-piece pop & rock band
    • Outstanding male lead vocals
    • Vocals, guitar, sax, bass & drums
    • Pop, rock, indie, folk, soul, funk & more
    • Option to add female vocals & acoustic duo set
    • Available UK wide
    Skyknights Listing
    From £2450
    • Fresh pop and contemporary 5 piece band
    • Brilliant male vocals and harmonies
    • Repertoire of pop, soul, Motown and folk hits
    • Experienced, professional musicians
    • Add keys to line up
    • Available nationwide
    Ultraglow Listing
    From £2982
    • High-calibre 6-piece house & pop band
    • Sensational female & male lead vocals
    • Two lead vocalists, keys, sax, bass & drums
    • House, pop, RnB, drum & bass, garage & more
    • Evening DJ, sax & percussion sets available
    • Late finish available
    Foxland Listing
    From £2062
    • Modern folk-pop band
    • 4-piece festival-style band
    • Charming male vocals, guitar, sax and drums
    • Past and present hits with a unique twist
    • Add daytime acoustic sets
    • Available UK wide
    Neon State Listing
    Neon State
    From £2016
    • Fresh & exciting dual-fronted 4-piece band
    • Stellar male & female lead vocals
    • Vocals, guitar, bass and drums
    • The best of pop, rock, soul & RnB
    • Afternoon acoustic duo set available
    • Available Mids, East & South
    Whiskey Wood Listing
    Whiskey Wood
    From £1750
    • Supercool 4-piece pop & rock band
    • Exceptional male lead vocals
    • Vocals with guitar, sax, bass & drums
    • Pop, rock, dance, RnB & party classics
    • Afternoon acoustic solo set available
    • Available North, Mids & Wales
    Hatchland Listing
    From £1248
    • Exceptional 3-piece folk-infused band
    • Outstanding male lead vocals & backing vocals
    • Vocals, guitar, bass and drums as standard
    • Pop, rock, indie & soul with a folky twist
    • Afternoon acoustic solo & trio sets available
    • Available nationwide
    Wildcard International Wedding Band
    From £2002
    • Pop and rock band
    • 3 piece line-up
    • Male lead vocalist
    • Option to add an acoustic set
    • Vast repertoire
    • Available UK wide
    The Factors Listing
    The Factors
    From £1688
    • High-energy 4-piece pop & rock band
    • Charismatic male lead vocalist
    • Vocals, two guitars, bass & drums
    • Pop, rock, indie & party hits
    • Afternoon acoustic duo & band sets available
    • Available UK wide
    The City Suits Listing
    The City Suits
    From £1519
    • Phenomenal pop & rock trio
    • Outstanding male lead vocals & backing vocals
    • Vocals with guitar, bass & drums
    • Pop, rock, folk, indie & party hits
    • Option to add sax & acoustic sets
    • Available UK wide
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    Find and Book Recommended Musicians

    Entertainment Nation is the home of the UK’s most exciting live musicians for hire, with an ever-expanding selection of professional musicians to choose from. At Entertainment Nation we make live music hire easy, convenient and reliable. Whatever the event, we have recommended musicians on our books to stun your audience. Our exceptional musicians are sure to enhance any event: find and book the best live musicians with Entertainment Nation!

    The UK's Best Musicians for Hire

    When you've got an event to organise and you need to impress your guests, hiring a professional musician is the number one choice. Whether you prefer instumental artists or acts fronted by singers, the sights and sounds of talented musicians performing live at your event can't be surpassed. Live music energises your occasion like no other form of entertainment can.

    At Entertainment Nation, we only represent the UK’s best musicians. We ensure the quality of our musicians for hire by having strict standards for the live musicians we represent. Entertainment Nation’s musical experts listen to each musician’s repertoire, watch each musician’s performance videos and watch live performances, if possible. As well as assessing prospective musicians’ musical ability, we ensure they are professional and reliable by closely examining and verifying their testimonials and reviews. Entertainment Nation can find you a live musician for any occasion. It’s easy to see why we’ve been trusted by thousands of happy customers to provide live music hire for their wedding, party or corporate event.

    Reputable Live Music Hire

    Booking live musicians can be scary if you’ve never done it before, but when you hire musicians through Entertainment Nation you can rest easy that we have the experience, the knowledge and the integrity to make the process as efficient and hassle-free as possible. Booking through a reputable agency like Entertainment Nation is the safest and most secure way to hire talented UK musicians for your event.

    The Easy Way to Hire Live Musicians

    At Entertainment Nation we’ve made it our mission to give you the ultimate musician hire service. A huge part of our commitment to that goal is our user-friendly website, which has been designed from the ground up to be enjoyable and intuitive to use. Take advantage of filters and sliders to refine your musician search by location, event type, event date, budget and the number of musicians you are interested in hiring. A search will usually return numerous UK musicians who meet your criteria, at which point it is possible to sort these musicians by name, fee or popularity. Whatever type of musician you're looking for, even unusual musicians and unique musicians, finding them is simple with Entertainment Nation.

    To help you decide which of our musicians for hire you would like to book, we provide exhaustive profiles for every live musician (djs too!). Flip through image galleries to find stylish musicians whose look fits the theme of your event and then listen to an assortment of sample tracks to see if their sound matches their looks! Musician profiles also include high quality videos of performances to aid you in your decision. As well as the fun stuff, profiles of musicians for hire include all the technical details you need to know to hire a live musician, such as where a musician will travel to or whether a musician provides professional lighting and PA (most do).

    There's tons of choice: from jazz bands to saxophonists, from singer-guitarists to string quartets. If at any point you feel overwhelmed or would just like some friendly, expert advice, this is where the other part of our commitment to providing the ultimate musician hire service comes in: our advisers are on hand every single day to discuss absolutely anything you’d like to know about live music hire. We can be reached through the live chat box on the bottom right of this page, or by email or telephone. However you get in touch, we’ll give you a speedy response and answer any questions you might have.

    How to: UK Musicians Hire

    You’ve pored over profiles and vetted videos and have made your decision on which musicians to hire, so what next? The quickest and most convenient method of obtaining an accurate quote is to fill out the “Enquire Now” form that is handily located at the bottom of each musician profile. By giving us all the relevant information here we can give you a comprehensive quote that covers all aspects of the booking with no hidden extras. If your chosen musicians are available on the date of your event, we’ll send you the quote by email; if your chosen musicians are unavailable on the date you need them, we’ll do our best to find you similar highly recommended musicians as an alternative.

    If the quote is to your liking, we will arrange for a contract to be drawn up, which will be between you and your hired musicians. All that’s left to do then is sign the contract and pay the deposit. Live music hire done. Nice work!

    Your live musicians will usually contact you around four weeks before your event takes place to discuss final plans, including special requests. If you think of something you’d like to ask in the meantime, please give Entertainment Nation a shout and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

    The Home of Live Music Hire

    We’re here to help you hire exceptional musicians 7 days a week. Entertainment Nation is the home of live music hire.

    Why book through Entertainment Nation

    Relationships with first class bands and musicians

    Not only do we have a wide variety of bands and musicians for you to choose from, we have fostered good relationships with them, giving you the reassurance that you are booking through a reputable entertainment company who are passionate about what they do.

    Expert staff who specialise in music

    We alleviate the pitfalls you'd normally encounter when organising event entertainment. We will provide you with expert guidance and support that’s only a phone call, email or live chat away. We can not only ensure you choose the best band for your celebration but that your day runs smoothly too.

    Videos that show you the true performance

    To help you with the selection process you can watch videos for each of our bands and performers so you know what they sound like and the atmosphere they can create with their music.

    Protection that gives you peace of mind

    We ensure that all of our musicians and acts hold Public Liability Insurance of minimum £1,000,000 cover.

    Start the journey today and browse our selection of bands.

    Entertainment Nation

    We had a great band for our event. They got everyone on their feet right from the start, and kept them up on the sparkly dance floor until they struck their last note. They were amazingly flexible, considering our timings all went aray and were more than happy to keep the party going with music coming out of their system (which sounded fab by the way) between their performances. Top draw and a massive 5* thumbs up! Thanks guys!

    Jon Fields – February 2016

    Entertainment Nation

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