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    Brass Pack Listing
    Brass Pack
    From £2394
    • Brass band
    • Wedding band based in Greater London
    • 5-9 piece band
    • 2 trumpets, trombone, sousaphone and drums
    • New Orleans style brass and pop covers
    • Option to add extra musicians
    • Available Mids, East & South
    Back To Brass Listing
    Back To Brass
    From £2527
    • Brass fusion band
    • Wedding band based in West Midlands
    • 8 piece line-up
    • Trumpets, Trombone, Sax, Sousaphone and drums
    • Pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, metal and ska covers
    • Extremely talented musicians
    • Available nationwide
    Horn Fusion Listing
    Horn Fusion
    From £1995
    • Crowd-pleasing 5-piece brass fusion band
    • Wedding band based in Cheshire
    • 2x trumpets, trombone, sousaphone & drums
    • Pop, rock, funk & soul covers
    • Afternoon roaming sets available
    • Option to add pro DJ service
    • Available UK wide
    The Uber Tubers Listing
    The Uber Tubers
    From £2394
    • Oompah brass band
    • Wedding band based in London
    • 5 piece band
    • Trumpet, trombone, sax, sousaphone and drums
    • Traditional Oompah and pop and rock covers
    • Highly experienced musicians
    • Available UK wide
    Brass Act Listing
    Brass Act
    From £2128
    • Feel-good 5-piece brass band
    • Wedding band based in Cheshire
    • Sax, trumpet, trombone, sousaphone and drums
    • Clever arrangements of modern & classic hits
    • Option to add vocals
    • Over 10 years professional experience
    • Available UK wide
    Big City Brass Listing
    Big City Brass
    From £1596
    • Brass band
    • Wedding band based in West Yorkshire
    • 6 piece line-up
    • Experienced brass band
    • Pop, rock, funk and soul brass covers
    • Talented and skilled musicians
    • Available nationwide
    Brass Revels Listing
    Brass Revels
    From £2873
    • Sensational brass roaming band
    • Wedding band based in London
    • 5-piece feel-good brass band
    • Trumpet, sax, trombone, sousaphone and drums
    • Unique arrangements of pop classics & modern hits
    • Incredibly versatile and talented musicians
    • Available UK wide
    Brassitude Listing
    From £3431
    • Sensational 8-piece brass party band
    • Wedding band based in Greater London
    • 2xTrumpets, 2xTrombones, 2xSax, Sousaphone & Drums
    • Pop and rock singalong hits
    • Highly experienced professional musicians
    • Option to add extra percussionist
    • Available UK wide
    Brass Bandits Listing
    Brass Bandits
    From £1530
    • Brass band
    • Wedding band based in London
    • 5 piece line-up
    • Trumpet, Sax, Trombone, Tuba and Drums
    • Pop, soul, samba, rock, funk and salsa hits
    • Sensational live musicians
    • Available nationwide
    Musikeller Listing
    From £2394
    • Oompah brass band
    • Wedding band based in Greater London
    • 4-5 piece band
    • Oompah & contemporary pop songs
    • Trumpets, sousaphone & trombone
    • Incredibly talented musicians
    • Available Mids, East & South
    Manchester Oompah Band Listing
    Manchester Oompah Band
    From £1596
    • Bavarian oompah band
    • Wedding band based in Lancashire
    • 8 piece line-up
    • High quality Bavarian band
    • Comedic front-man and musicians
    • Highly experienced performers
    • Available nationwide
    Princes of Brass Listing
    Princes of Brass
    From £2617
    • High-energy 6-piece brass band
    • Wedding band based in London
    • 4x trumpets, sousaphone and drums
    • Uplifting, feel-good arrangements of popular hits
    • Pop, funk, rock, RnB, soul and more
    • Option to add vocalist and roaming band set
    • Available UK wide
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    Hire The Best Wedding Brass Bands

    Hire the best brass bands for weddings with us here at Entertainment Nation! From traditional ensembles, to swing and jazz arrangements, to modern brass bands for weddings, we have everything you need to guarantee an unforgettable wedding day. We've made sure we only work with the most professional, talented, and reliable brass bands, guaranteeing you a top performance on your special day.

    Top Brass Bands for Weddings UK

    Nothing rivals the glamour and sparkle of a full-blown brass band, with gleaming horns, elegant woodwind and exciting drums not only sounding great but looking the part too! Brass bands are popular all over the world, and nothing beats the versatility of a full band who can offer a vibrant and rich sound at your venue. Great for contemporary weddings and traditional settings alike, our wedding brass bands for hire deliver up-beat music everyone will love.

    Hire a Wedding Brass Band UK

    Dive into our enormous selection of talented wedding brass bands, and you're sure to find a band you love. If you have any questions, get in touch with our friendly team of advisers - we're experts in organising wedding entertainment, and we're available every day to help you find the band of your dreams.

    Why Hire a Wedding Brass Band?

    All our live bands add an unparalleled level of excitement to any wedding celebrations, but there's something especially stirring about a brass band. Brass bands deliver their stunning music through hands and breath, making it feel so much more human and emotional, exactly what you need when you take to the floor for your exhilarating first dance. Not many groups incite such heart-stirring responses as brass bands - and with their modern-day versatility, they can provide romantic classical music or cover exciting contemporary songs, making them an excellent choice for your big day.

    How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Brass Band?

    Full brass bands normally have line ups of at least 5-8 members, so you can expect the base price to start from around £1500 - £2000. Depending on extra musicians, requests, distance to travel and accommodation costs, this number can rise significantly, so make sure you do plenty of research so that you can remain within your budget.

    Our advisers are here to make sure we find you a band that matches your requirements. All our acts are strictly vetted by industry professionals, so no matter who you choose to play at your venue, you're guaranteed an incredible show from experienced and reliable performers.

    What Songs Will I Hear with Wedding Brass Band Hire?

    Since the revival of brass bands for the modern day, all manner of songs have been re-imagined through brass instruments. Groups like the Hackney Colliery Band, the Youngblood Brass Band, and the grammy-nominated Hot 8 Brass Band have all proven you can attract crowds of mesmerised dancers with the traditional sounds of brass - which is what our bands will do!

    Whether you want timeless classics or modern songs, our brass bands for weddings have incredibly varied repertoires. They allow you to create romantic set lists for the ceremony, and blisteringly hot covers to get the party going long into the night! Our brass bands can offer songs for all ages and may consult you to make sure their set list is suited to your audience's tastes.

    What's Included with a Wedding Brass Band for Hire?

    The only way to be certain of what you'll receive when you find a wedding brass band to hire is to read their profile carefully! Every band's offering varies slightly. Brass bands may play acoustically, or they may have individual PA systems to amplify the sounds, so this is something you need to check before you book - your band may have to work with sound limiters at your venue. Check if your chosen band supplies their own lighting, and if recorded music will be played when they aren't performing - it can make all the difference!

    Be sure, too, to check out all the optional extras on the band's profile - from manned DJ services to additional requests, musicians, and singers, you can often tailor your band to your heart's desire!

    Easily Hire Brass Bands for Weddings UK

    We're here to make it easy when finding wedding brass bands to hire! Our quick enquiry form makes it a doddle to get a comprehensive quote for your chosen band. Simply fill in your details, hit the button, and our team will be back to you as soon as we can. You're given the security of booking through a reputable UK agency - our secure online payment methods and comprehensive contracts mean you have total confidence in your booking.

    Why book through Entertainment Nation

    You Can Count On Us - 1,800+ Verified 5-Star Trustpilot Reviews From Happy Clients
    Lean On Our Experience - Over a Decade Delivering Incredible Entertainment
    Gold-Standard Customer Care As Standard - Not Locked Behind "Enhanced Protection"
    The UK's Best Bands and Performers - Hand-Picked To Make Your Event Exceptional
    Support At Every Step - Friendly, Expert Advisers On Hand From Enquiry To Event
    Your Booking Is Secure - We Provide Professional Contracts and Ongoing Support
    Personalised Service - We Get To Know You So We Can Find Your Perfect Entertainment
    Stress-Free Booking - Send an Enquiry in Seconds and We'll Take It From There!
    Entertainment Nation

    Excellent company from start to finish. When we initially enquired for a wedding singer we had very specific requirements for our wedding day. Having looked through the large portfolio of singers we found just the performer. We had everything lined up until a last minute change meant we had to change our singer. Entertainment nation were very responsive in their communication and extremely helpful. We owe a lot of thanks to these guys as they helped arrange a performer whom of which gave the performance of a lifetime, and truly made our wedding day a special occasion. Superb service and a company that massively cares about their customer's needs. Thanks again!!

    James Cottingham – May 2024

    Entertainment Nation

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