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The Bow Tie Boys - In The Spotlight

The Bow Tie Boys In The Spotlight

May 30th, 2019

Creating the sound of a full band with only two musicians, The Bow Tie Boys are an incredibly talented acoustic duo who perform dynamic renditions of pop, indie and rock music from across the decades.

Consisting of male vocals, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, a foot drum and a foot tambourine, The Bow Tie Boys have everything needed and more to create the perfect party atmosphere. Whether they’re performing modern favourites or all-time classics, for your wedding ceremony or your evening party, they can do it all!

We had a catch up with this charming duo to find out what they love most about making music.

Who are The Bow Tie Boys?

“We are Alex and Jon and we make up a unique duo with a huge full band-like acoustic sound. We love to have fun and bring the dancefloor to life!”

Give us a wow fact about your act!

“We have an incredible musical chemistry like no other! We have both been in bands since we were 15 but have never been in a band without the other!”

What inspired you all to become musicians?

“Who wouldn’t want to be a rockstar?!”

The Bow Tie Boys

Which song is your favourite to perform?

“Alex – It varies every show but if I had to pick one then Wonderwall is always a really nice moment of the evening. No matter how much people claim to dislike that song when it’s on the radio, once the chorus kicks in no one can resist throwing their arms up and singing their heart out!”

“Jon – Being a big Wolves fan, I love performing Hi-Ho Silver Lining!”

Out of the songs you’ve been asked to learn, which is your favourite?

“Alex – I really like Stand by Me, we’ve changed it up a little and it’s a great sing-a-long song that has now become a staple in our set.”

“Jon – Hold My Girl is a personal favourite. I’m a big fan of George Ezra.”


One final song question, which is the song you can always rely on to fill the dance floor?

“We do a really cool medley of Hey Baby and I’m A Believer and it never fails to bring the room together!”

Do you get on with each other all of the time?

“Alex – We are genuinely best friends and have been for over 10 years! Jon was my best man at my wedding and we talk every day without fail. It’s not very often we disagree on anything and when we do it’s usually because Jon’s wrong!”

“Jon – The love is real. I couldn’t live without Alex.”

The Bow Tie Boys Duo

Who has the most annoying habit (and what is it)?

“Alex – Jon tends to zone out if there’s football on the radio on the way to a show, which is great if he’s giving me directions!”

“Jon – Alex always talks over the football on the radio.”

What’s the best thing about being in a band?

“As predictable as it sounds it is genuinely humbling to perform for people on the happiest day of their lives and to see people enjoying your performance with their friends is great. Plus wedding cake is amazing!”

… and whats the worst?

“Probably all the equipment. Unloading the gear at 3/4am after a 3 hour drive home isn’t very fun.”

What’s the weirdest thing that has happened to you at a wedding?

“Not so much weird but we’ve had a couple of strange technical issues in the past that have kept us guessing. Once the volume of Jons guitar kept going up and down randomly. Turns out it was a pedal he was using that the volume control had suddenly become faulty. At least it wasn’t that ghost we thought it may have been messing with our mixing desk.”

The Bow Tie Boys

Most memorable moment?

“Getting on to Entertainment Nation of course! Other than that the last New Years was pretty fantastic. We performed at a fairly intimate private party with around 100 people but the atmosphere was electric the whole evening!”

If you weren’t musicians, what would you be doing?

“Alex – I played academy football as a teenager but music stole my passion so I’ll go with a Premier League footballer… Or a Premier League Mascot at the very least.”

“Jon – I always wanted to be a Palaeontologist due to the fantastic documentary ‘Jurassic Park’ so I’d probably say that… or a Dinosaur at the very least.”

Most importantly: Buffet or Hog Roast?

“Alex – I don’t eat meat so I’m going to have to say Buffet.”

“Jon – Hog roast for me!”

A huge thanks to The Bow Tie Boys for their excellent answers!

If you haven’t had enough of this wonderful duo and want to find out even more, visit their profile now!

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