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National Wedding Groom Competition 2017

May 26th, 2017

Win a Bundle of Wedding Goodies Worth Over £3,000!

You heard right! Thanks to the awesome guys over at StagWeb and a few of their wedding industry friends, you have the chance to win £3,315 worth of prizes that’ll make you the suavest, best-dressed, most envied groom around. The prizes on offer are supplied by top UK wedding, fashion and male grooming businesses. Plus, you have the opportunity to win over £300 of personalised wedding beer. We’ll say that again, slowly: Personalised. Wedding. Beer. What are you waiting for? Enter the competition now!

The Prizes

“So, what wedding treats to I stand to win?”, you might be asking, and we say to you, “read on, sir, and discover your destined bounty of glorious goods”. We think these prizes are so good it’s worth popping the question just to get a shot at winning them!

Entertainment Nation

Band on Stage

What you win: Wedding entertainment (worth £200)

About: Win £200 towards your wedding entertainment from Entertainment Nation (that’s us, in case you hadn’t guessed). Whether you want a high-energy rock band for your wedding reception or a refined group of classical musicians to perform at your wedding ceremony, you’ll find them and more in our roster of talented, professional performers.


Stag in Shades

What you win: Stag party (paintball & nightclub package, worth £600)

About: Say goodbye to single life in style with this stellar package from StagWeb, “the home of legendary stag weekends”. Once you’re done blasting your mates in the face with paint (NEVER take off the mask, we all remember what happened to PJ in Byker Grove), you’ll get guest list entry into a top night club to enjoy the party to end all parties.

Music Wedding Videos

Bride and Groom Dancing

What you win: Music wedding video (worth £895)

About: Music Wedding Videos will help you recreate your favourite music video for a unique memento of your big day that’ll have you laughing for years to come (or sobbing tears of romantic reminiscence if you opt for a song that’s special to you). Whether you deck yourself out in baseball caps and baggy sports jerseys and Get Ready To Rhumble or aim for a dazzling recreation of the intricate, passionate footwork featured in the video for you’ll be left with a video to treasure forever.

The Craft Can Directory

Craft Beer Logo

What you win: Personalised wedding beer (worth £360)

About: What could be better than a case and a half of your favourite craft beer? A case and a half of your favourite craft beer in one-of-a-kind bespoke beer cans that you help to design. Delicious beer served up specially designed cans, that also come emblazoned with the bride and groom’s names; a worthy toast for any wedding.

A Suit That Fits

Bespoke Suit Logo

What you win: Bespoke suit (worth up to £500)

About: Nothing looks as good as a tailored suit that moulds perfectly to your form, accentuating your good features and hiding those bits you’re not so keen on. A Suit That Fits believe every man deserves a bespoke suit and offer an affordable service that brings that dapper Don Draper look within a price range that doesn’t punish the pocket. Much like getting a dog for Christmas, with this prize you’ll be getting something to cherish for life, not just your wedding day.


Cornerstone Shaving Logo

What you win: Personalised shaving set & washbag for the groom. Personalised shaving sets for the groomsmen (up to 7 sets worth £250)

About: Will your wife-to-be forgive you in years to come if every time she looks at your wedding photos and sees an unkempt hobo (admittedly, an unkempt hobo in a really sharp suit) staring back? She won’t, but that’s where Cornerstone come in. This deceptively simple service keeps your shaving supplies automatically stocked up with high quality razors and toiletries. With this prize, your face will be as smooth as your suit.


Ideas For Brides Logo

What you win: Sunglasses for the groomsmen (up to 10 pairs, worth £30)

About: An invocation to the gods of good weather, summon the sun with matching shades for the groom’s party. Decked out in all your wedding clobber and wearing your new shades, you’ll be able to recreate the Reservoir Dogs

walk in your photos. Visit Bridea for countless ways to personalise your wedding day.

London Sock Co.

London Sock Co Logo

What you win: Socks for the groom’s party (15 pairs worth up to £169)

About: No scratchy, sweaty mismatched socks for you on the big day: with this prize from the London Sock Co. your feet will be as cool and stylish as the rest of you. London Sock Co.’s socks don’t only look good, but they’re made from the highest quality materials so you’ll be comfortable from the moment you receive your bride at the altar until your final moves on the dance floor. London Sock Co. offer a sock subscription scheme, so you never have to shop for socks again – and your mum will have no excuse; she’ll have to buy you proper present for Christmas!

Mrs Bow Tie

Mrs Bow Tie Logo

What you win: Bow ties for the groom’s party (7 matching bow ties worth £182)

About: The perfect suit needs the perfect accessories and, thanks to Mrs Bow Tie, you’ll look extra dashing thanks to one of their impeccable hand-made bow ties. Whether you’re going formal, rustic or boho on your big day, you’ll find all the bow ties, ties, pocket squares and other accessories to complete your look with Mrs Bow Tie.

Simply the Best Man

Simply The Best Man Logo

What you win: Best man speech (full speech package £14.99)

About: Your best man is exactly that. He’s your rock. The guy you can rely in hard times and laugh with during the good. If you could choose one person to have your back it would be him, but perhaps public speaking isn’t his greatest talent. There’s no need to worry, Simply the Best Man have created an online speech writing system complete with over 4,500 jokes, quotes and one-liners written by professional comedians. With the help Simply the Best Man, your best man can craft a speech that’ll have the audience cry-laughing. All at your expense. Perhaps you should worry after all…

Speech Builder

Wedding Speech Builder Logo

What you win: Wedding speech for the groom (full speech package £14.99)

About: …Or perhaps not. The best form of defence is attack and you’ll be able to put the Best Man in his place before he has a chance to speak with Speech Builder’s curated collection of professionally written jokes and quotes. Just be sure you remember to compliment your bride and the bridesmaids in between digs at the best man!

Tweedman’s Vintage

Tweedman's Vintage Logo

What you win: £100 voucher for vintage or ‘ex-hire’ waistcoats

About: Finish your wedding day attire with a timelessly stylish waistcoat from Tweedman’s Vintage. Tweedman’s Vintage have an exquisite selection of ex-hire formalwear, including suits, shoes, shirts, trousers, blazers, accessories and, of course, waistcoats.


Groom Inspiration Logo

Tons of inspiration and wedding fashion ideas

About: GroomInspiration is the go-to destination for the style-conscious groom. Make sure to check out their Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter feeds to stay up-to-date with the latest in wedding style.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know the great companies behind the National Wedding Groom Competition and wish you luck with your entry!

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