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Swing Babies In The Spotlight

Swing Babies In The Spotlight

Last updated on May 7th, 2019

It’s been a while, but we’re back with another edition of In The Spotlight! In The Spotlight lifts the curtain on what life is really like as a pro musician or entertainer. In each edition of In The Spotlight, we chat to one of the amazing acts on our books to discover a little more about them, their influences and their, sometimes strange, often hilarious, tales of life on the road.

Recently, we caught up with the classy and charismatic Swing Babies. This sensational vintage-themed band is the perfect choice for events of all types, from chic, retro weddings to sophisticated corporate events. Featuring smooth, sultry vocals and superlative musicianship, when you hire the Swing Babies, you’re guaranteed a jumping and jiving dance floor packed with happy guests!

That’s enough from us – ladies and gents, we present Swing Babies!

Who are Swing Babies?

The Swing Babies are experts at taking your favourite contemporary hits and giving them a dazzling vintage twist. We LOVE performing at weddings – what an amazing job to be celebrating love through music every weekend with our best mates?! We have everything you need to have a good time and put our heart and souls into every note we make.

Which song is your favourite to perform?

Careless Whisper – We love to take this beautiful pop tune, perfect in it’s arrangement and entirety already, and make it our own. We up the tempo, add some vintage stride piano and clarinet, and voila! A full dance floor of guests paying homage to the most perfectly imperfect mega talented George Michael.

Out of the songs you’ve been asked to learn for a first dance, which is your favourite?

“All of Me” by John Legend – many people choose this- it is so beautiful and accepting of your partner- it is all about finding gratitude, wholehearted acceptance and beauty in their features and flaws.

One final song question, which is the song you can always rely on to fill the dance floor?

“Don’t Stop Believing” – it’s not really the most romantic, but it has this amazing effect on people – they hold their drink in the air with one arm, put the other around their mate, and throw back their heads as they belt out the long notes. It’s really a wondrous sight from the bandstand.

Do you get on with each other all of the time?

We haven’t had a bust up yet. Our lead singer Mandy scraped the hire van once, so she doesn’t get to drive any more- which she is totally cool with.

Who has the most annoying habit (and what is it)?

It’s a toss-up between Kerry’s (saxophonist) American accent and Mandy’s New Zealand accent. We are an international band!

What’s the best thing about being in a band?

Camaraderie and making music for a living.

… and what’s the worst?

Driving home four hours at 2am and trying to stay awake after a long night.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you at a wedding?

Someone passed Mandy an ice cream in a cone in the middle of singing “Never Too Much” by Luther Vandross. It’s very wordy so she didn’t have much time for many licks and it started to melt down her arm.

And finally, the most important question: Buffet or Hog Roast?

Definitely Buffet – got to keep the vegetarians happy! There is actually a Facebook page dedicated to the variety of meals musicians get at gigs and often people post their photos which can be very amusing.

Thanks so much to Swing Babies for taking the time to answer our questions! If you’d like to book this premier postmodern swing band for your special event, either fill out an enquiry form on Swing Babies’ profile or get in touch with a member of the Entertainment Nation team today!

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