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Wedding Fail All Fall In Water


April 25th, 2016

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No matter how meticulous your preparations, there are some things you just can’t anticipate, and unfortunately, your wedding day is no exception. We hope you get through your day unscathed, unlike the poor folks in the following videos. If the worst does happen, try to take it in your stride and smile – it’s something you’ll look back on and laugh in years to come. Honest.

The sheer amount of things that can go wrong is enough to make even the bravest of brides quiver: wardrobe malfunctions and fainting guests, collapsing marquees and disrespectful dogs, cake catastrophes and woeful DJs, the list of wedding day disasters is endless.

We learned a lot while compiling this collection of epic wedding fails:

  • The ancient law of acting is equally applicable to weddings – never work with animals or children.
  • Avoid water sources – lakes, ponds and pools are all a watery accident waiting to happen.
  • Never, ever do a backflip. Just don’t do it.

1 – Just Desserts

Cutting the cake – a symbolic moment that represents the bride and groom’s eternal commitment to provide for one another. It’s not a great portent for the future when the cake ends up as a pile of mush on the floor.

2 – Taking the Plunge

Clumsy best man + pool = one disgruntled bride.

It only gets worse for the poor guy when a furious friend of the bride pounces.

3 – The Walking Dead

Watch in horror as the best man transforms into a zombie before your very eyes and shuffles relentlessly towards an unsuspecting gazebo.

4 – Can’t Stop Laughing

These aren’t the tears you’d expecting to shed during your marriage ceremony. Watch as the bride and groom completely lose it after the father of the bride loses his trousers.

5 – Private Dancer

There’s always one at every wedding. The combination of emotion and free alcohol has only one logical conclusion: the perpetration of serious crimes on the dance floor. This pole dancer brings down the house. Literally.

6 – In The Air Tonight

Maybe he was inspired by the drumming gorilla. All we know is, his drum kit doesn’t look amused.

7 – Double Drop

This one’s a double disaster. As if tripping over as you walk down the aisle wasn’t bad enough, what happens next is every bride’s worst nightmare.

8 – Never Backflip at a Wedding – Part 1

Our last blog featured our favourite wedding dance routines, unfortunately this one didn’t quite make the cut. It was all going so well until the groomsman decided to perform a backflip.

9 – Never Backflip at a Wedding – Part 2

Seriously, listen to us, backflips at weddings always ends up with a KO. I’ll bet the bride wasn’t impressed with the best man’s black eye in the wedding photos.

10 – Married and the Dock Gives Way

Like we said earlier, steer clear of lakes unless you want to take a wedding day dunk.

11 – Dog Mistakes Bride for Lamppost

Dog doing what dogs do. The little Jack Russell gives his answer to the question “Is there anyone here present who knows any lawful reason why these two cannot be joined in marriage?” “She’s mine”.

12 – Free Fallin’

What is it about wedding ceremonies that causes people to faint? It’s not like they’ve had no practice in the art of… standing. Whatever the reason, this poor kid chooses the wedding at the top of a flight of stairs to pass out.

13 – Touchdown!

This guy celebrates getting married by slamming his bride into the floor.

14 – Always Think About Number 2

When they decided to write their own vows, this couple didn’t expect to get upstaged by the improv comedy of a kid dropping truth bombs.

15 – Book a Professional Wedding Band

When it comes to choosing a wedding band, it’s best to do your research before making a booking!

Avoid disastrous DJs and woeful wedding bands by booking through Entertainment Nation. We’ve got a massive selection of talented wedding entertainment to choose from, and we’re here from 10am to 10pm every day. Give us a shout and we can help your wedding day go off without a hitch!

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